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Canon EOS 80D Specs- A Closer Look

The Canon EOS 80D DSLR Camera is the successor to the 70d with several nice improvements. In this article we go over the 80D specs and discuss its pros and cons. This DSLR is an ideal mid-range photography and video-making camera.


Let us find out in detail what this small monster packs inside…

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How To Edit Real Estate Photos in Lightroom (RAW)

Understanding the editing process is necessary for every photographer, especially if you’re in the business of real estate photography.


You need to know the methods of post-processing so you are familiar with the necessary steps you have to take in order to achieve the output that you need. From the photo shoot down to the post-processing, a professional photographer should know the methods involved in order to produce quality photos that will sell properties right away.

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10 Online Tools to Create a Free Logo

If you want to create a logo for your company and you do not have any design knowledge, I have good news to give you since there are a large number of online tools with which you can make your logo for free.


The vast majority of these tools are going to ask you to register to download the new logo that you have designed for your company, but you can do it for free.

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Killing the Art of Color Calibration

Achieving the right colors in your photography can make or break you. And it seems like it should be simple, with the right color calibration tool.

But the use of color is truly an art of its own.

To stay true to your artistic vision, you have to capture exactly the right balance of dark and light, of warm and cool.

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10 of the Best Wide Angle Lens for Landscape Photography

There’s a reason that wide-angles are the go-to lens of choice for most landscape photographers.

wide angle lens for landscape- title

With their ability to get the bigger picture –wide-angles are perfect for capturing sweeping landscapes, adding depth and dimension to an image, and drawing the viewer into the scene. Wide-angles certainly offer a number of benefits for landscape photographers –compositions that include plenty of interesting foreground and beautiful, open vistas are areas where wide-angles really have a chance to shine.

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