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What do photographers have to deal with on a regular basis if their subjects are people?

You know all too well: They have to deal with getting their subjects to pose in various ways in order to get the best results in a photograph. That’s always easier said than actually done…which is exactly why we’ve created this ebook just for you.

Did you know that a person could actually strike 99 different and very unique poses during a shoot? It may seem surprising, but that’s the insider’s knowledge that’s waiting for you in the pages of our 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet ebook! Here, we don’t waste your time with long prose on theory and instructions on how to get your model to cooperate in order to strike the poses you want. No sir!

Instead, we just get right into the heart of the matter by having our photogenic female and male models strike 99 different and highly unique poses (you won’t find even one double…guaranteed!) for you. Rather than reading about the various poses – we thought we’d just show them to you, right upfront! Hope that’s okay.
Our lovely ebook isn’t a question of choice; it’s a matter of need, particularly if you are a portrait photographer. After all, you know better than anyone how absolutely difficult it can be to make your model behave and get him or her to obey your instructions. We’ve been there and done that! That’s why we can sympathize with your annoyances, which is why we’ve written this ultra-handy and ultra-practical cheat sheet ebook!

Say goodbye to the frustrating days of yesteryear, when you actually had to tell your model how you wanted him or her to pose for the lens. You know that, no matter how you explained it, the stubborn model would just either get it wrong or totally do his or her own thing, which frustrated what you were trying to do. If it wasn’t that, then you likely had to rack your brain to come up with unique poses because, let’s face it, you aren’t a limitless poses-idea factory!
You really have to understand the absolute, great value you’re getting with our 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet ebook. Really, there’s nothing quite like it, no matter where you look. Haven’t we convinced you yet?

In portrait photography, so much is based on the attitude and emotions that your model projects in front of the lens.

When you’re describing various posing styles and approaches, much of it is subjective, so lots can get lost in translation between you and the model.
After all, when you’re shouting at your model to be “pouty,” “glamorous” or “edgy,” no one can really always agree what those expressions should look like both in facial expression and body language.

So what’s the solution? Just SHOW your model what you want him o in a pose, and be done with it!

That’s what the 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet ebook is all about. Let’s say you want your model to strike a pose of confidence, with just a little bit of attitude and attractiveness.
Well…then just pick from the 99 perfect poses in this ebook, and watch in amazement as your model…obeys…just like that with perfect results in your pictures. It’s as easy as pie…literally.
As human beings, we strike all sorts of poses on any given day—hey, it’s just the way God made us. We at Photodoto are smart enough to be highly intuitive with regard to that, which is exactly why we’ve created several different categories of poses that are perfect for any specific situation in any photography shoot.
Ready to find out about them?

We have a number of classic poses for both female and male models. These are your basic “Hey, how’s it going?” poses that look right into the lens. Our ebook also features against-the-wall, facial close-ups, full-length and a bunch of gracious chair poses (okay, actually sitting in the chair poses).

To finish things off in our ebook in a big way, we’ve also included cool and creative couples poses that will help any photographer who wants to get the most out of shooting boyfriends and girlfriends, married folks or just two people in front of the lens who happen to enjoy posing!

So as you see, you’re getting a whole, humongous amount of value all crammed into this beautiful ebook that you can refer to whenever you feel like it (we recommend on occasions that involve a professional shoot or even just creative fun).
At Photodoto, we only believe in giving you nothing but actionable advice because we know your time is valuable, and you want your money’s worth, too.

Plus, we want you to be able to take our advice and immediately apply it to your photography.
Take this ebook with you on your handheld device wherever you go. This is ideal for any photography shoot.

Just fish it out, look at all the various poses, and then pick the one you think is best for your shot at the moment.
Passion for Portrait
This ebook was put together by a professional photographer who is highly passionate about portrait photography.

That’s why the high quality of the advice and posing suggestions really shines through in the pages of the 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet ebook.
So if you’re tired of winging it when it comes to portrait photography and dealing with those obstinate and uncooperative models, then fret no longer.

Just buy our 99 Posing Tips Cheat Sheet ebook, and see the extraordinary difference that actionable posing examples bring to your photo shoots.

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