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Creating Spectacular Photo Displays with Digital Projectors

If you are reading this, it is likely that you take copious amounts of photographs. A few years ago, families would gather around their Kodak carousel slide projector and look at 35 mm slides of family vacations. There was something that was almost magical about seeing images on the big screen in living color. Really, back then, a homemade slideshow was the only experience that most people had seeing something on a big screen outside of the movie theater. It was a great way for families to remember special events and special times.


The digital revolution changed what people expect when it comes to how photographs should be experienced.

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Killing the Art of Color Calibration

Achieving the right colors in your photography can make or break you. And it seems like it should be simple, with the right color calibration tool.

But the use of color is truly an art of its own.

To stay true to your artistic vision, you have to capture exactly the right balance of dark and light, of warm and cool.

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Why It’s a Great Idea to Get Your Photo Printed on Large-Scale Canvas

Let’s face it, one of the true joys of a professional photographer is to see the fruits of their labor displayed in a physical format, preferably as a large-scale photo print. It just feels like the proper way these photos should be exhibited, the form in which they reach their true potential.

photodoto-canvasdiscountsm With this in mind, I’m here to talk about what exactly makes large-scale photo printing so appealing and why it’s the right choice for professional photographers.

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Fotophire Photo Editing Toolkit

If you’re looking for a good and reliable photo editing tool, Fotophire  has you covered. It provides you with a host of interesting features that help you turn your photos into beautiful works of art.

Fotophire is simple and easy to use. It has an intuitive user interface packed with functionalities both beginner and pro users can draw on to start editing their photos.

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Working with Overlays and Actions

Since my childhood, I’ve been dreaming about inventing two things.  The first is a teleporter.  Yes, you read it right, but please imagine teleporting from the ‘Star Trek’ movie not from the horror movie ‘The Fly’!   With teleport, people could forget about long queues, tedious trips and expensive taxis.  The second thing I have been dreaming about is a photo camera in my eye!  But the key feature of this camera would be that it would show not just things and facts, but convey the feelings of the photographer.


It’s unfortunate that there is no such useful gadget yet, but its a good thing we have photoshop overlays and actions.

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