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Weekend reading

Superhero photographer Michael Muller shares an inside look at the secrets of his craft.

Chinese state-run news agency Xinhua apologizes for publishing a doctored, award-winning photograph. One wonders how many doctored photos are never discovered…

Want to take your camera swimming? Here’s some info about a DIY waterproof camera enclosure (via Lifehacker). Um, I ain’t gonna try it. Let us know how it goes if you do.

Photos of camouflaged people by Desiree Palmen. Annoying popup windows but the pictures are worth it. Here and here. Click for more interesting projects from the artist.

Many photos from Steve Jurvetson in this video presentation about his most awesome hobby: launching model rockets.

Nikon have launched a redesigned NikonUSA.com website and a companion blog with the goal of “creating a place where you can learn, explore and get inspired.”

Chang W. Lee, a photographer for The Times, got a rare outsider’s glimpse of North Korea during a trip he took as part of a contingent of journalists traveling with the New York Philharmonic for a landmark concert.

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